Stylish Aesthetes Came Out to the Winter Show’s Young Collectors Night

If antiquarians are often considered men and women of a certain age, Thursday’s Young Collectors Night at the Winter Show, which lures a mass of well-heeled 20-somethings to the Park Avenue Armory, certainly challenged that notion. Not only did the 700-plus attendees browse art and antiques from the world’s most preeminent galleries, but they also had some serious fun in the process.

There were libations aplenty, and the night’s signature tequila cocktail was the drink of choice for many. DJ Alix Brown, clad in a pink sequined ensemble, kept the mood lively all night. British designer-of-the-moment Luke Edward Hall oversaw the night’s creative direction, which included hand-drawn Instagram stickers of his favorite antiques in the show (popular choices: a Greco-Roman bust and a portrait by Diego Velázquez). Hall, donning a dapper blue corduroy suit, told Vogue that his country home in the Cotswolds is chock full of fabulous antique oddities. “I love going to junk shops,” he said.

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