Each item is fully described and carries our unconditional guarantee of authenticity.

Certificates of Authenticity

We are happy to offer certificates of authenticity. Please ask for one when placing your order.

Appraisal and Valuation

We are happy to offer free valuation of books, maps and prints that are brought to our shop during our regular business hours. We regret that we are not prepared to provide valuations by email.

For larger collections and written appraisals, we offer a formal appraisal service for £120 per hour, with a one-hour minimum. This will include a written valuation and a formal qualifications letter, which can be used for insurance, tax and estate purposes.

Advice & Representation

We are always happy to provide advice, condition reports, representation at auction, and market intelligence for customers wishing to develop their collections with acquisitions from third party suppliers.

Framing & Installation

We can provide hand-made picture frames to suit all works of art and budgets. W are also happy to arrange for your works of art to be delivered and installed by professional art handlers.

Storage and Collection Management

We offer advice on suitable storage and collection management, including the provision of mylar sleeves, plan chests, bespoke book boxes etc.

We are also able to assist with packing, shipping, off-site storage, and insurance should you so require.

Cataloguing and Photography

We would be delighted to assist you with cataloguing your books and maps, and we are able to provide a range of photography and digitalisation solutions to help you enjoy your collection.


We are able to arrange bespoke book-binding, both for works bought from us, and for those acquired elsewhere. We have good relationships with several local craftsmen and we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations as to the most appropriate course of action for your book.


Should one of your works of art require the attention of a conservator, we can advise on the most suitable treatments and arrange for them to be carried out.