Views of German towns
By HOLLAR, Wencesla[us] , 1630

Amoenissimae aliquot locorum in diversis provinciis iacentium prospectus

  • Author: HOLLAR, Wencesla[us]
  • Publication place: London
  • Publication date: 1643-44].
  • Physical description: Eight etched views.
  • Dimensions: 105 by 180mm. (4.25 by 7 inches). Largest plate size: 95 by 175mm.
  • Inventory reference: 18263


While living in London, Hollar produced a series of eight views of German towns and cities, one also featuring the collection’s title: ‘Amoenissimi Aliquot Locorum in diversis Provinciis iacetium Prospectus’ (‘A view of some of the most pleasant places situated in different regions’). The views, based on Hollar’s own drawings from his time living in Antwerp, was published in 1644 in London.

As typical of Hollar’s urban vistas, the views are often staged so as to look at the buildings of the town or city across a river or other body of water, combining natural geography and manmade topography. Many of the prints also contain human figures, including bargeman, people walking along the river, or men riding on horseback. The views within the ‘Prospectus’ are:

1. [Title] Strasburg
2. Colln
3. bey Bonn
4. Bonn
5. Strassburg
6. Hermenstein
7. Mullem
8. Zu Collen


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