Views from Northern Europe
By HOLLAR, W[enceslaus] , 1664

[Six Northern European views: Duren, Hemsen, Cologne, Bonn, Brussels]

  • Author: HOLLAR, W[enceslaus]
  • Publication place: [London]
  • Publication date: 1664.
  • Physical description: Six etched views.
  • Dimensions: 90 by 136mm. (3.5 by 5.25 inches). Plate size: 81 by 123mm.
  • Inventory reference: 18605


In the mid-1660s, Hollar engraved a set of views of towns and cities in northern Europe, which it is believed he drew three decades earlier in person, when he was living in Cologne. The views of Duren and Bonn, specifically, are linked to drawings he made of the cities in 1633 and 1635. All of the views include figures walking around the area, often carrying heavy loads. The focus, however, is clearly on the natural geography of the landscape, as well as the impressive buildings constructed there, including churches, castles, windmills and city walls. The views are:

1. zu Hemsen bey Mechelen
2. Zu Colln
3. bey Brussels
4. Zu Duren
5. die Holtzpfort zu Duren
6. zu Bonn


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  2. Pennington 729-733 and 737ii.

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