The Modern Babylon
By WALKER, Edmund; after Nathaniel WHITTOCK; printed by DAY & SON , 1859

London in the Reign of Queen Victoria

British Isles London
  • Author: WALKER, Edmund; after Nathaniel WHITTOCK; printed by DAY & SON
  • Publication place: London
  • Publisher: Published by Lloyd Brothers & Co. 96, Gracechurch Street
  • Publication date: 1859.
  • Physical description: Tinted lithograph.
  • Dimensions: Image: 345 by 1195mm (13.5 by 47 inches). Sheet: 335 by 1194mm (13.25 by 47 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 12490


Bird’s-eye view from a point above New Bedlam looking north.

The Houses of Parliament are shown complete. Pugin’s St George’s Cathedral (built 1841-1848) is shown with its stunted and never completed tower. Other landmarks include Lord’s Cricket Ground, the Leather Exchange, Maudley and Field’s Foundry, Vicker’s Distillery, the Victoria Theatre and Barclay and Perkin’s Brewery.

The print was reviewed in the Art Journal: “This is a large bird’s-eye view of London taken from a point… near Bethlehem Hospital, St. George’s Road, Southwark, though by what means the artist could in that locality have attained such an elevation as enabled him to draw this plan we are at a loss to conceive. However, here is London, the modern Babylon, stretching out in its length and breadth into almost interminable distance, its public buildings, squares, streets, and alleys too, delineated with marvelous accuracy… It is a work on which immense labour must have been bestowed…”.

A key sheet was published, not present here, entitled: ‘Key to the birds-eye view of London, comprising the boroughs of Marylebone, Westminster & Southwark, from actual survey by N. Whittock.’ The key sheet carries the imprint: ‘London published by Lloyd Brothers & Co., 96, Gracechurch Street, E.C. December 1st 1858.’ 240 landmarks are referenced on the key.


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