The breaking of the Brabant Lines
By LIGNES, Francois de , 1705

[Caricature Map - War of Spanish Succession]

Social & Political
  • Author: LIGNES, Francois de
  • Publication place: Filmont
  • Publisher: Francois de Lignes a l'Enseigne d'Heyleferri
  • Publication date: c.1705
  • Physical description: Engraved map
  • Inventory reference: 1135


A finely engraved caricature map of the Battle of Elixheim (marked on the map Heilesem), fought during the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1714). To the centre of the image is a large figure of a Dutch soldier (?) holding a sword and pistol. To his right is a sketch map of the environs of Elixheim (Eliksem) showing the defensive line, and river, to the foreground are four allied generals. The gentleman marked ‘Engelsman’ is most certainly the Duke of Marlborough. To the left is a sketch map of the defensive line between Brugge and Ghent. Below is a verse in both Dutch and French about the battle.