Jan Huyghen van Linschoten
By BRY, Theodor de; after , 1808

J. Hugo v. Linchoten geb. zu Harlem im J. 1563.

Art & Architecture
  • Author: BRY, Theodor de; after
  • Publication place: [Weimar
  • Publisher: Friedrich Justin Bertuch
  • Publication date: c1808].
  • Physical description: Stippled portrait.
  • Dimensions: 145 by 100mm. (5.75 by 4 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 17743


Linschoten’s portrait in ‘Allgemeine Geographische Ephemeriden’ is a truncated version of the portrait made of the cartographer in 1599 by Theodor de Bry. It is set in an oval and simply accopmanied by his date of birth, as he was still alive at the time of the magazine’s publication.