H is for Heraldic Engraver
By BARCLAY, George , 1840

Barclay, Heraldic Engraver, Gerrard Street, Soho

  • Author: BARCLAY, George
  • Publication place: [London
  • Publication date: c1840].
  • Physical description: Etched trade card.
  • Dimensions: 85 by 105mm (3.25 by 4.25 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 17758


George Barclay (fl 1830-1872), issued a number of trade cards, including this one which depicts his own shop front at 22 Gerrard Street, in the Gothic style. Other cards offer his services as engraver of “Bookplates, Dies, Stone & Steel seals, cards, invoices, share plates, cheques, &c”.


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