Geology Personified
By W[EBBER] C[atherine]. M[ary]. , 1859

Geology, Familiarly Illustrated by C. M. W.

Natural History, Science & Medicine
  • Author: W[EBBER] C[atherine]. M[ary].
  • Publication place: London
  • Publisher: J. B. Goodinge, 21 Aldergate Street
  • Publication date: 1859.
  • Physical description: Oblong octavo (130 by 150mm), continuous strip view, measuring 320 cm in length, containing thirty-one numbered and captioned hand-coloured lithographed scenes illustrating geology in a humorous vein, imprint label pasted to inside of back cover, original marbled covers with publisher's label pasted on.
  • Inventory reference: 12281


Humorous panorama illustrating geological features and stratification.

Catherine Mary Webber (1831-1900), the wife of the Anglican clergyman Rev. William Fynes Webber, is known to have published three comical illustrated works such as this. The other two are ‘The Experiences of an Amateur Artist’ published in 1858 and ‘Miss Scratchley, an Amateur in Art and Crinoline’ in 1863. She also contributed to ‘The English Woman’s Journal’ under the moniker ‘A Clergyman’s Wife.’

The scenes herein are captioned:
1. “Gneiss on Granite”.
2. “Cumbriam System”.
3. “Cambriam System”.
4. “Flags, and Transition Conglomerate”.
5. “Silurian System”.
6. “Transition Period”.
7. “Antient Crater showing traces of eruption”.
8. “Trap”.
9. “Serpentine”.
10. “Old Red”.
11. “Carboniferous System”.
12. “Coal Beds”
13 “New Red”.
14. “Lias”.
15. Oolite Formation”.
16. “Lower Chalk”.
17. “Upper Chalk”.
18. “Extensive Denudation”.
19. “Kentish Rag”.
20. “Slips on the South Coast”.
21. “Dip”.
22. “Erratic Blocks with Quartz”.
23. “Protrusion of Antient Deposits”.
24. “Antidinal Axes”.
25. “Strike, Dip, and Cleavage”.
26. “Valley of Elevation”.
27. “Bag-shot sand”.
28. “Clear proofs of Metal”.
29. “The London Basin”.
30. “The Paris Basin”.
31. “Fault in an Antient Bed, containing Terrestrial Mammalia”.


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