Cashing in at the Bank of Love

Bank of Love. Promise (67579) to pay to you on demand (67579) the entire Love of the supplicant who sends this. 1868 Feb.y. 14. Temple of Hymen 14 Feb.y 1868. For the Gov.r and Compy:a of the Bank of Love. Cupid.

  • Author: ANONYMOUS
  • Publication place: [London
  • Publication date: 1868].
  • Physical description: Bank note, creased, a few tears skilfully repaired.
  • Dimensions: 130 by 210mm. (5 by 8.25 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 16496


A Valentine’s Day promissory note, published for the 14th February, 1868.

The note is in the form of the five pound bank notes issued by the Bank of England in the nineteenth century. Whereas the bank of England promised to pay the bearer of the note five pounds worth of gold. The bear of this note can expect “the entire Love of the supplicant who sends this”. The note is endorsed by none other than Cupid, Chairman of the Bank of Love, who’s head office is located at the Temple of Hymen.