A streetmap of London before the fire
By HOLLAR, W[enceslaus] , 1642


British Isles London
  • Author: HOLLAR, W[enceslaus]
  • Publication date: ?[1642] ?[1666].
  • Physical description: Etched plan.
  • Dimensions: 109 by 178mm. (4.25 by 7 inches). Plate size: 101 by 171mm.
  • Inventory reference: 18357


Hollar produced a small and simple isometric plan of London before the Great Fire of 1666. It extends from the area just west of St. Paul’s Cathedral, of which the original structure is shown, across to east Aldgate. Only the cathedral and a few of the streets are labelled, namely “Cheape-side”, “Poultrie”, “Corn-hill”, “Gracechurch Streete”, “Leddonhall Streete”, “Bishopsgate Streete”, “Broed Streete”, and “New Fenchurch”. The additions of title and signature to the second state are both surrounded by scratches to the plate.


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