'Yet age will yield a rich perfume, If innocence de thine'

Love to Her Creator

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  • Author: ANONYMOUS
  • Publication place: [?London
  • Publication date: c1820].
  • Physical description:

    Engraved map jigsaw, mounted on wood, two small losses to links.

  • Dimensions: 200 by 170mm (7.75 by 6.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 16444


A intriguing heart shaped jigsaw map, providing the virtues a young Georgian lady should possess if she wanted a long and fruitful life.

The jigsaw is made up of 14 sentiments and virtues required of a young Georgian lady. Theses were: ‘Innocent’; ‘Compassion for the Afflicted’; ‘Civility of Behaviour’; ‘Gratitude for Favors’; ‘Generosity’; ‘Respect to Age’; ‘Charity to the Poor’; ‘Obedience to Instructors’; ‘Modesty’; ‘Meekness’; ‘Honour to Parents’; ‘Love of Mankind’; ‘Humility’; and ‘Love of Truth’.

A banderole above the map bears a short poem, warning against the transitory nature of youth and the wisdom which come of old age:

‘Tho’ Youth may fade with all its bloom,
And health, and stengh decline;
Yet age will yield a rich perfume,
If innocence de thine’

Although educational games and jigsaws such as this were hugely popular throughout the Georgian period, with parents holding great store in education through play, the present is game is rare. We are unable to trace another example of the map either in institutions or appearing at auction.