Waldeseemuller's map of Scandinavia

Tabula Moderna Norbegie et Gottie.

Europe Scandinavia
  • Publication place: [Strassburg
  • Publisher: Johann Schott
  • Publication date: 1513].
  • Physical description: Double-page woodcut map.
  • Dimensions: 425 by 600mm. (16.75 by 23.5 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 14504


Waldeseemuller’s strking map of Scandinavia.

This work was based on the manuscript maps of Sanuto and Vesconte of c.1320, which were updated by Nicholaus Germanus in 1482 to include more cities and textual information. As noted by Ginsberg:

“Waldseemuller’s map . . .appeared in the supplmental section of modern maps. A faithful coy of the Ulm map published thirty-one years earlier, it too, is a woodcut. The title, however, differs from the Ulm 1486 edition by no longer referring to Prussia and Livonia. As on the 1482 map, Norway is shown as “norbegia.” Most of the same cities are also included– “asto” (oslo, ‘begensis” (Bergen), Nodrosia (Niadros or Trondheim), and “Stauargnsis.”. The lines to text in letterpress on the right-hand side that specify lines of parallel and lengths of days have been retained”.


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