The Valchiavenna
By MANGONI, Giulio , 1625

Disegno del Lago di Val Chiavenna coi posti fortificati e difesi dall’Illmo. Sre. il Conte Giovanni Sorbellino Mastro di Camp. d’Infanteria Italian per Sva Mta. et Governatore della Sua Gente alla Riva et Lago di Como.SRE.

Europe Italy
  • Author: MANGONI, Giulio
  • Publication place: Milan
  • Publisher: Giovanni Paulo Bianchi
  • Publication date: 1625.
  • Physical description: Engraved map with letterpress pasted below.
  • Dimensions: 510 by 372mm. (20 by 14.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 11365


The Valchiavenna is an Alpine valley, once strategically important as route across the Alps, past Lake Como to Milan.

During the War of the Austrian Succession, Count Giovanni Serbellone, military governor of the county, was tasked with fortifying this area; this plan, drawn by the military engineer Giulo Magnoni and engraved by Giovanni Paulo Bianchi, depicts the works constructed, linked to a letterpress key pasted below.


  1. Not traced
  2. BL, Maps K.Top.86.41, while bearing the same date and title, is a second plate (without letterpress text) with the geography inverted, with Lake Como at the top of the plate, and the title and dedication engraved on the right.