The only map of Sri Lanka published by the Lafreri school
By ?LAFRERI, Antonio , 1570


Asia India
  • Author: ?LAFRERI, Antonio
  • Publication place: [Rome
  • Publisher: A. Lafreri
  • Publication date: c1570].
  • Physical description: Engraved map, watermark of a letter 'M' under star in shield.
  • Dimensions: 264 by 200mm (10.5 by 7.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 14980


A striking map of Sri Lanka attributed to Antonio Lafreri.

The map is typical of the Lafreri School with Venetian galleys on the stippled sea, cities and towns represented as bird’s-eye views, and hills and trees populating the interior.

Although the map is anonymous, the work has been attributed, by Destombes, to the Rome publisher Antonio Lafreri, who lists a map of Sri Lanka in his catalogue – item no. 75. La Barroni suggests that the map is a copy of an earlier map, published in Venice, however, there is no substantive evidence for this. The map would later be acquired by Claudio Duchetti, and then by Giacomo Gherardi, who advises it in his catalogue in 1598 (No.175 “isola tapproban”). The plate would then be purchased by Giovanni Orlandi, and finally by Hendrik van Schoel.


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