The hunting ground of the Calpe
By BOTTOMLEY, A.H. , 1957

Hunting Map of the Country near Gibraltar

Europe Spain & Portugal
  • Author: BOTTOMLEY, A.H.
  • Publication date: 1957.
  • Physical description: Printed map on waxed cloth, with original hand colour and manuscript annotation.
  • Dimensions: 634 by 546mm. (25 by 21.5 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 12583


An interesting hunting map of Gibraltar. At the lower left corner information is given on the meeting places of the Calpe Hunt. The Calpe was founded in 1812, after a chaplain imported two English foxhounds, supposedly to keep down the fox population. It grew into a successful hunt, and eventually gained the patronage of both Edward VII of Britain and Alfonso XIII of Spain.

The map is a wonderful depiction of English social customs in Gibraltar. In the list of places the hunt meets, the third is ‘Rotten Row’, taking its name from the area in Hyde Park in London.

This is a copy of a map of the same title printed in 1907, possibly made on waxed cloth so that the owner could take it to the hunt. An example of the 1907 map is held at the Centro Geográfico del Ejército in Madrid.


  1. Centro Geográfico del Ejército Ar.G-T.10-C.1-1048