The first sea-chart of the northern coastline of Brazil, detailing the mouth of the Amazon River
By ROGGEVEEN, Arent; [and] LOOTSMAN, Jacob and Caspar , 1717

De Zeekusten van Westindien Streckende Van Rio d'Amesones tot Rio Way

America Guyana & Surinam
  • Author: ROGGEVEEN, Arent; [and] LOOTSMAN, Jacob and Caspar
  • Publication place: Amsterdam
  • Publisher: J. Loots, and J. Conijnenberg
  • Publication date: 1717
  • Physical description: Double-page engraved chart
  • Inventory reference: 9201


The first sea-chart of the northern coastline of Brazil, showing the mouth of the Amazon River, from an unrecorded English language edition of Roggeveen’s ‘Het Brandende Veen’ or ‘The Burning Fen’: ‘The fifth part of the new great sea-mirrour: discovering the west coasts of Africa with the great dial of America…’.

The first edition of the atlas was published in 1675 by Pieter Goos, however, due to the death of Goos in the same year, and that of Roggeveen four years later, a second edition would not be published until 1680, by which time the plates had been acquired by the chart dealer Jacobus Robijn. Robijn went on to republish the second edition in 1689, with a third edition appearing in 1698. For the second edition Robijn also published an edition with English text. He gave the job of translating the Dutch text to Eric Walten, a Dutch radical who would later be imprisoned for blasphemy. After Robijn’s death, sometime between 1707-1717, the plates passed into the hands of the chart seller Johannes Loots (1665-1726), who added his imprint to the majority of the charts and published an English edition in 1717.


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