The first obtainable map to name America
By APIAN, Peter , 1520

Tipus Orbis Universalis Iuxta Ptolomei Cosmographi Traditionem Et Americi Vespucii Aliorque Lustrationes A Petro Apiano Leysnico Elucbrat.

World World maps
  • Author: APIAN, Peter
  • Publication place: [Vienna]
  • Publication date: An. Do. MDXX [1520].
  • Physical description: Double-page woodcut map.
  • Dimensions: 305 by 430mm (12 by 17 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 1229


Peter Apian based his map upon Waldseemullers’s seminal world map of 1507. Due to its reduced size, much information has been left out, and – except for the naming of Calicut in the East – there is little evidence that Apian drew upon Waldseemuller’s significantly more up-to-date ‘Carta Marina’ world map of 1516. Several initials appear on the map: to the bottom right are Laurent Fries who Shirley suggests was the co-draufghtsman of the map; to the lower left are those of Luca Alantses who paid for the map; and also there are Johann Kamers in whose book the map appeared. As well as being bound into John Kamer’s work the map also appeared in Pomponius Mela’s ‘De Situ Orbis’ of 1522, and was possibly issued separately at the time.

Peter Apian was born Peter Bienewitz (or Benewitz) on April 16, 1495, in Leisnig, Saxony. In 1516, Apian began studying mathematics, astronomy, and geography in Leipzig, later moving to Vienna, where he completed his studies in 1521. Apian was appointed professor for mathematics at the University of Ingolstadt (Upper Bavaria) in 1527, where he lived and taught until his death on April 21, 1552. Apian worked mainly on the description and use of scientific instruments but also made astronomical observations and published various cartographic works.


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