Separately issued plan of the proposed West India Docks
By WALKER, Ralph , 1801

Plan of the West India Wet Docks Dedicated by Permission ro Geo. Hibbert Esqr. Chairman Robt. Milligan Esqr. Deputy Chairman & the Directors of the West India Dock Company by their much obliged and very humble Servant Ralph Walker. Resident Engineer.

British Isles London
  • Author: WALKER, Ralph
  • Publication place: [London]
  • Publisher: Published as the Act directs, by R. Walker, Blackwall
  • Publication date: Jany. 1, 1801.
  • Physical description: Hand-coloured engraved plan, key and title below plan, engraved view of the north side of the docks above plan.
  • Dimensions: 570 by 840mm (22.5 by 33 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 1457


The plan shows the intended docks together with the rope grounds, paths, streams, and fields that would be obliterated by the new works.

The plan is dedicated to George Hibbert and Robert Milligan, two powerful West Indies merchants who lobbied Parliament in order to construct a secure dock to load and off load their cargoes. The construction of the docks was authorised by the West India Docks Act of 1799. They would be completed by 1802, with the canal to the south being finished in 1805.

Ralph Walker (1749-1824) was appointed Resident Engineer to the West India Dock Company in August 1799 on a salary of £600 p.a. Together with William Jessop, the chief engineer, he was responsible for the construction of the docks. However, he would resign from his post in October of 1802, following a professional disagreement with Jessop over a structural failure at the docks.

Rare. OCLC records only a single example: that of the British Library.

Scale: approx 32 inches to 1 statute mile.


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