Sanson's Africa
By SANSON, Nicolas , 1631

Africa Vetus.

Africa Continent of Africa
  • Author: SANSON, Nicolas
  • Publication place: Amsterdam
  • Publisher: Covens and Mortier
  • Publication date: c.1720
  • Physical description: Double-page engraved map, no text to verso.
  • Inventory reference: 12244


A fine example of Nicolas Sanson’s folio map of ancient Africa.

The map is one of a series that Sanson produced depicting parts of the ancient world. The map shows Africa (although of a modern shape) prior to the European discoveries. The interior follows Ptolemy and other antiquarian sources.

First published in 1650, the present map bears the imprint of the Amsterdam publisher’s Covens and Mortier, whom had acquired Sanson’s plates at some point around 1720.