Rasciotti Cyprus
By FORLANI, Paolo , 1560

Isola di Cipro. Cyprus Insula Olim Macharia id est beata, in Carpathij sinu Maximo Jssics dictus sita est. Venero nouem iam regnorum sedes. Hic pannus ex caprarum pilis, uulgo Ciabel-lan nominatus. Cerui gregatim e Cilicia in Cyprum tranant, capita in praecedentium clunibus imponentes. Ambitus eius fertur MMMCDXX.

Europe Greece
  • Author: FORLANI, Paolo
  • Publication place: [Venice
  • Publisher: ?Donato Rasciotti
  • Publication date: after 1570].
  • Physical description: Engraved map.
  • Dimensions: 220 by 315mm. (8.75 by 12.5 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 12313


A map of Cyprus engraved by Paolo Forlani (Woodward), closely modelled on a map by an anonymous author published in Rome in 1560 (Meurer). The most important towns are represented in perspective, with the fortified walls of Famagusta shown in full.

There appear to be three states of this map: in the first, the ship at the upper right hand corner does not have a flag (as in the Novacco Collection example); in the second, the flag is added (as in the Strabo Illustratus Atlas example); in the third (the present example) the flag is added but the date in the cartouche at the lower right is partially erased.

The present map has been tentatively attributed to Donato Rasciotti (fl.1572-1618) as it appeared in a composite atlas at Christie’s New York, which contained several other maps with Rasciotti’s imprint. Rasciotti was a publisher in Rome and Venice, who is known to have been arrested in 1577 on suspicion of stealing maps from Lafreri’s shop.


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