Rare map of the West Coast of Europe
By MIDDAGTEN, Christoffel [Rear Admiral] , 1706

[Chart of the Western Coast of Europe] […] Werd deese Nieuwe verbeterde wassende Paskaart vande Spaans Zee met alle Eerbiedt Opgedragen door zyne wel Edle.

Continent of Europe Europe
  • Author: MIDDAGTEN, Christoffel [Rear Admiral]
  • Publication place: Amsterdam
  • Publisher: Johannes Loots
  • Publication date: 1706-1717
  • Physical description: Sparately issued engraved chart on two sheets, old folds re-enforced.
  • Dimensions: 610 by 1020mm. (24 by 40.25 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 1177


Rare separately issued chart of the West Coast of Europe.

The chart is by the Dutch Rear-Admiral Christoffel Midddagten (?1659-1723). In 1705, after his retirement from the Navy, Middagten set about producing sea charts and several treaties on the art of navigation. He states in his work: ‘Nieuw Bericht strekkende tot Verbeetering der Scheeps-Bouw…’, Harlingen, 1717-1721, that he drew 13 charts of the Northern Navigation. These and eight other charts (Gernez mentions 21 charts by Middagten) were issued separately by Johannes Loots between 1706-1717. The charts were, however, not a commercial success as they ‘were inferior to most of the Dutch charts at the time as they were not drawn with increasing latitudes apart from one’ (Koeman).

All charts by Middagten are rare. The OCLC gives locations for only 11 of his charts, and we were unable to trace any institutional copy of the present chart.


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