Rare Map of Hong Kong
By WA, Sung Chun , 1924

Hong Kong.

Asia China
  • Author: WA, Sung Chun
  • Publication place: China
  • Publisher: South China Lithographic Press
  • Publication date: c.1922-26
  • Physical description: Chromolithograph map, a few minor tears to to old folds, eight holes to right margin.
  • Dimensions: 540 by 780mm (21.25 by 30.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 11992


The map is drawn by Sung Chun Wa of the The Saiyingpun Anglo-Chinese School, on a scale of 1 3/8 inch to the statute mile.
All major settlements are depicted and named in both English and Chinese, as are major roads and railways, and several areas of proposed reclamation; elevation is depicted with hatchures and height of mountains in feet.

Although the map is not dated we can ascertain a date from the imprint. The South China Lithographic Press had been bought from the South China Morning Post, of which it was a subsidiary, in 1922, by Sum Wai-yau, who went on to found the first quality Chinese-language newspaper, Wah Kiu Yat Po, or Overseas Chinese Daily, in 1925. This thus gives us a terminus post quem of 1922. The Saiyingpun School, founded in 1879, would later be merged into the new King’s College when it was established in 1926. Thus giving us a terminus ante quem of 1926.

OCLC records one later institutional example: The British Library, a fifth edition printed by Tungar Printing, and dated 1948.


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