Paris loses out to London
By ROCQUE, John , 1754

A Plan of Paris &c reduc’d to the same size Scale as that of London. In Order to ascertain the difference of the Extent of these two Rivals, the Abbe de al Grive Mapp of Paris and J. Rocques Mapp of London hav been divided into equal Squares whereof London contains 39 and Paris 29 So that the Surface of London is to that of Paris as 39 to 29 or as 5455 Acres to 4028 Acres London therefore exceeds Paris by 1427 Acres The former being 8 1/2 Square Miles and Paris only 6 1/3 Square Miles. [Title repeated in French].

Europe France
  • Author: ROCQUE, John
  • Publication place: London
  • Publisher: According to Act of Parliament by J. Rocque Chorographer to his R. H. the Prince of Wales, in ye Strand
  • Publication date: 1754.
  • Physical description: Engraved map, small old tear to right of map skilfully repaired.
  • Dimensions: 540 by 710mm. (21.25 by 28 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 2000


Rocque based his map of Paris upon Abbe de la Grive’s nine sheet work published in 1740. Above the plan the title appears in English and French, and states that the map is intended to be used to compare London and Paris “in order to ascertain the difference of the extent of these two rivals”. The text goes on to say that London “exceeds Paris by 1427 Acres”. Whether this deemed London the winner is unclear, as size is not everything. Rocque also produced a companion map of London, upon the same scale, in order for gentleman to compare the cities side-by-side.

The two plans were advertised in Rocque’s 1751 Catalogue and again in his Catalogue of 1761-62. This particular edition is rare. We were only able to trace one institutional example, in the Ryhiner Map Collection Bern University.

Scale: 1 1/4 inches to 1 statute mile.