Manuscript plan of Maastricht
By French school , 1748

Plan Particulier des Villes de Maestricht et de Wick avec leurs Environs

Europe Low Countries
  • Author: French school
  • Publication date: c1748
  • Physical description: Manuscript plan with fine original hand-colour.

  • Dimensions: 1200 by 1500mm. (47.25 by 59 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 2898


Large and detailed plan of Maastricht, Wick and their environs; title and key on the left side of the map. The plan is oriented with West at the top.

The key lists the main buildings and places of interest, including churches, fortresses, cofferdams, water locks. The living quarters and houses are drawn in red, fields in green and fortifications in brown. Alphabetically listed are the fortresses and other military buildings including the hospital and the areas where the soldiers lived. Following are the College Churches, the Catholics neighbourhoods, the convents.