Mann's shooting map of Shanghai and her environs
By MANN, Fred and Helen , 1909

Map of the Shooting Districts lying between Hangchow - Nanking - Wuhu and Shanghai compiled from the latest authorities with numerous additions 1885-5-6, 1898, 1901-2-3-4. By the late Fred Mann… Railways open and projected and the names of principal towns, romanised according to the revised regulations of the Imperial Chinese Post Office, Names in Chinese, Characters in the Madarin Dialect By Helen Mann 1909.

Asia China
  • Author: MANN, Fred and Helen
  • Publication place: [Shanghai]
  • Publication date: 1909.
  • Physical description: Lithograph map, printed in colours, mounted on linen, folding into original blue cloth boards, lettered in gilt to upper cover, minor loss to old folds.
  • Dimensions: 750 by 1200mm. (29.5 by 47.25 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 14975


Large and detailed plan of Shanghai, and surroundings.

The map was produced to aid the gentleman find suitable areas around Shanghai to shoot game. Hence, as well as the labelling of geographical and man-made features, the map is replete with phrases such as ‘first rate shooting country’, ‘good shooting along these greens’, and ‘rolling hills good shoot’.

The map stretches from west to east from modern day Tongling to Shanghai, and north to south from Nanjing to Hangzhou. The major districts and provinces are marked in English and Chinese. Also marked upon the plan are railway lines open and under construction or projected, cities, towns, villages, swamps, pagodas, hills, boundary provinces, creeks, and canals. Below the key is a note regarding the famous Hangzhou Bore, and to the upper right is a tide table for Shanghai.

Gother Frederick Mann (1817-81), a Major General in the Royal Engineers, served in Trinidad in 1847-50 and China 1857-61, retiring on full pay in 1874.