Late Victorian Panorama of Ben Nevis
By SHEARER, James E. , 1895

Panorama seen from the Observatory on the summit of Ben Nevis... from drawings by James E. Shearer.

British Isles Scotland
  • Author: SHEARER, James E.
  • Publication place: Stirling
  • Publisher: R. S. Shearer
  • Publication date: 1895.
  • Physical description: Folding panorama on eight linen-backed sheets, map of Ben Nevis pasted to inside cover, blue buckram covers, lettered in gilt.
  • Dimensions: 175 by 2480mm. (7 by 97.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 12279


Rare panorama of the Ben Nevis.

The panorama gained glowing contemporary praise from the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal:

“MESSRS R. S. SHEARER & SON are to be congratulated on the excellent panorama of hill-tops as seen from the summit of Ben Nevis, which they have just issued. It is exceedingly well executed, and singularly accurate in detail. The admirable method of colouring adopted – brown for the nearer hills, purple for the middle distance, and light blue for the horizon – simplifies the perspective in a wonderful way, and it is just the thing wanted to enable any one to understand the view. It is eight feet long by four and a half inches wide. The only mistakes that can be detected are very trifling, and are hardly worth mentioning. But we are under the impression that Garbh Bheinn (Garven) and not Creach Bheinn in Morven is usually called the Saddle, and the height of the former, according to the 6-inch map, is 2,903 and not 2,500 feet. It also seems improbable that Ireland can be seen from Ben Nevis, for the distance of the visible horizon from a height of 4,400 feet is but eighty-one miles; but as it is just possible that the high ground of the interior may come into view, we do not wish to dogmatise on that point. When this has been said, we have nothing but praise to bestow, and we have no hesitation to recommend every one contemplating a visit to the summit to provide himself with one of these excellent panoramas, for he will certainly find it a most useful and pleasant aid to his enjoyment of the view” (Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal, Volume 4 Number 1)

Copac lists BL. NLS, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge.

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