Keulen's rare chart of Archangel
By KEULEN, Johannes van , 1705

Paskaart van de Rivier Dwina of Archangel...

Europe Russia
  • Author: KEULEN, Johannes van
  • Publication place: [Amsterdam
  • Publication date: 1705].
  • Physical description: Hand coloured double-page engraved sea chart.
  • Inventory reference: 2623


Fine sea chart of the mouth of the Dwina River, from ‘De Groote Nieuwe Vermeerderde Zee-Atlas ofte Water-Waereld. Vertoonende in zig alle de Zee-Kusten des Aardryks…….’ Printed in Amsterdam by J. van Keulen.

This work was the most complete sea-atlas published by Van Keulen and consisted of five volumes composed of nearly all the early sea charts published through 1709.