George Bauerkeller's plan of the Palace and Gardens of Versailles
By BAUERKELLER, George , 1840

Plan de Versailles en Relief.

Europe France
  • Author: BAUERKELLER, George
  • Publication place: Paris
  • Publisher: Bauerkeller & Cie. Brevetés
  • Publication date: c.1840
  • Physical description: Embossed chromolithograph plan.
  • Dimensions: 530 by 400mm (20.75 by 15.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 2115


This strikingly modern plan of Versallles was published by the German Georg Bauerkeller in around 1840. The plan is printed in eight colours. The buildings and gardens upon the plan are shown in white relief, with the palace complex divided into three coloured sections, and the formal gardens highlighted in dark green. Above the plan is a view of the palace.

Little is known about the Bauerkeller cartographic publishing firm. Headed by Georg Bauerkeller, they were apparently based in Darmstadt, Germany, just south of Frankfurt, but also maintained an office in Paris. They were active for about 30 years from the 1830s through the 1860s, and produced maps, plans, and small atlases. They are best known for the maps they produced using the ‘geomontographie’ – the process employed in the production of the present map.

Rare. The OCLC records two institutional copies: in the BNF and the Bavarian State Library.


  1. FRBNF42705443.