French Caricature cards of the Outbreak of the First World War
By Anonymous , 1914

L'Attaque et la Riposte

Europe France
  • Author: Anonymous
  • Publication place: [?Paris]
  • Publisher: Ehrmann
  • Publication date: 1914
  • Physical description: 6 lithograph postcards, in original envelope.
  • Dimensions: 90 by 140mm (3.5 by 5.5 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 1735


Rare set of post cards caricaturing the first three months of the First World War.

The cards show: the German advance into France; the German march on Paris; the French counter-offensive; the French victory at the Battle of the Marne; the “Race to the Sea”, and the the French victory in the Battle of Yser.