Chinese Tartary, Korea and Japan by Tobias Mayer after d'Anville
By MAYER, Tobias , 1749

[Carte Generale de Tartarie Chinoise] des Royaumes de Coree et de Iapan

Asia Japan
  • Author: MAYER, Tobias
  • Publication place: Nuremberg
  • Publisher: Heirs of HOMANN
  • Publication date: 1749.
  • Physical description: Engraved map with hand colour.
  • Dimensions: 531 by 619mm. (21 by 24.25 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 15920


The eastern half of a scarce pair of maps depicting Chinese Tartary, Korea and Japan by Tobias Mayer after d’ Anville’s map (1732), published by Homann Heirs.

Made by an anonymous engraver after ‘Homann Heirs’. Following the long period of Dutch domination, the Homann family became the most important map publishers in Germany in the eighteenth century, the business being founded by J.B. Homann in Nuremberg about the year 1702. Soon after publishing his first atlas in 1707 he became a member of the Berlin academy of Sciences and in 1715 he was appointed Geographer to the Emperor. After the founder’s death in 1724, the firm was continued under the direction of his son until 1730 and was then bequeathed to his heirs on the condition that it trades under the name of Homann Heirs. The firm remained in being until the next century and had a wide influence on map publishing in Germany. Apart from the atlases the firm published a very large number of individual maps. The Homanns produced a Neuer Atlas in 1714, a Grosser Atlas in 1737, and an Atlas Maior with about 300 maps in 1780.