Central Hong Kong in the 1930s

Map of Victoria. Hong Kong. [In Chinese Characters]: For Tourists the newest and most detailed street map of Hong Kong, including Kowloon.

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  • Author: ANONYMOUS
  • Publication place: Shanghai
  • Publisher: Guoxian Publishing House
  • Publication date: c. 1933
  • Physical description: Lithograph map, price in Chinese Characters to lower left, "2 yang 3 jiaozheng".
  • Dimensions: 445 by 560mm (17.5 by 22 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 10823


Fine and detailed map of Victoria Hong Kong, with an inset map of Hong Kong at the bottom right corner.

The plan is orientated with south at the top.

The plan depicts the northern coast of the Hong Kong Island, and stretches west to east from the Victoria, and the Wellington Barracks, to the China Merchant’s Wharf and the University of Hong Kong. The mapping of the urban areas are very detailed, labelling every street and shown the outline of all major buildings and facilities.

Several important public buildings are shown, including Government House, City Hall, and the Murray Barracks, as well as the great private mansions that graced the mid levels above the town. Victoria Peak is shown, schematically rising above the city. Immediately to the east of Victoria, beyond the Cricket Ground, is the Royal Navy Yard, the headquarters of the British Navy in East Asia.