An Electorate of Bridesmaids
By BRUCE, John , 1840

A Map of Matrimony

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  • Author: BRUCE, John
  • Publication date: c.1840
  • Physical description: Engraving on embossed paper, fine original hand-colour, some minor spotting.
  • Dimensions: 80 by 115mm. (3.25 by 4.5 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 16441


A humorous marriage map charting the course of a marriage from courtship to contentment.

The traveller begins their journey, like so many in this genre, at sea in the west. They must avoid the ‘Quicksands of Censure’, navigate the ‘Ocean of Admiration’, and the ‘Straits of Flirtation’, sail past the ‘Island of Hope’ in the ‘Bay of Courtship’ to eventually lay anchor in ‘Engagement Bay’. From here they must journey in land avoiding the lawyers and the ‘Mountains of Delay’, pass through the ‘Land of Promise’, and the ‘Electorate of Bridesmaids’ to arrive at the ‘Lake of Presents’ in the land of ‘Jewellers and Milliners’. They will then find themselves in the ‘Region of Rejoicing’. taking care to avoid ‘Petticoat Government’ to safely arrive at the ‘Port of Hymen’, which will lead them on to the ‘Road to Content’.