A German copy of Sanson's map
By ZUNNER, Johann David after SANSON D'ABBEVILLE, Nicolas (I) , 1679

Insularum Iaponiae in VII Partes divisa & LXVI Regna Antiqua divise per N Sanson.

Asia Japan
  • Author: ZUNNER, Johann David after SANSON D'ABBEVILLE, Nicolas (I)
  • Publication place: [Frankfurt
  • Publisher: Johann David Zunner
  • Publication date: 1679].
  • Physical description: Engraved map.
  • Dimensions: 233 by 302mm. (9.25 by 12 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 15882


Johann David Zunner’s version of Nicolas Sanson d’Abbeville’s map of Japan.

The map was produced by Zunner for his ‘Die gantze Erd=Kugel, Bestehend In den vier bekannten Theilen der Welt, Als Europa, Asia, Africa und America’ (1679). It is a faithful copy of Sanson’s map from ‘L’Asie en plusiers cartes nouvelles, et exactes’. Zunner gives full credit to Sanson on the title-page and on the map.

Johann David Zunner (1641-1704) was a German publisher active in Frankfurt.


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