A bird's eye view of Venice
By SEUTTER, Georg Matthaus , 1730

Venetia / Venedig Venetia Potentissima e la piu Magnifica Fiorentissima e la piu ricca Citta Capitale della Serenissima Republica, edificata Sopra 72 le Isole picciole nello Mare Adriatico, … / Venedig die Machtig u Prachtigst, Florisant u Reicheste Haupt Stadt der Durchleucht. Republic gleiches Nahmens, aus dem Adriat. Meer, aus 72 kleine Insul. Erbauet, in Prospect vorgestellet…

Europe Italy
  • Author: SEUTTER, Georg Matthaus
  • Publication place: Augspurg
  • Publisher: Mattheus Seutter
  • Publication date: c1730
  • Physical description: Double-page engraved birds-eye view (503 by 575mm to the neatline, full margins), with contemporary hand-colour in full (old vertical fold, one or two small repairs to verso).
  • Dimensions: 503 by 575mm. (19.75 by 22.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 12734


A fine, bright and attractive birds-eye view of Venice, surrounded by islands, and with the Alps standing guard on the horizon, below are two inset views of the Campanile and Piazza San Marco from the water and from the piazza, the title appears in Italian and German across the top. Seutter’s engraving was issued at about the same time as Canaletto (1697-1768) was painting his iconic images of Venice.

Mattheus Seutter (1678-1757) the elder, first published his ‘Atlas Geographicus’ in 1720 and subsequently expanded it under the title ‘Atlas Novus’.