Parts for a Klinger globe
By KLINGER, Johann Georg , 1800

[Broadsheet: parts of a globe]

  • Author: KLINGER, Johann Georg
  • Publication place: Nuremberg
  • Publisher: Johann Georg Klinger
  • Publication date: c1800.
  • Physical description: Engraved broadsheet of a horizon ring and four polar calottes, names in German and Latin, fine contemporary hand colour.
  • Dimensions: 360 by 255mm. (14.25 by 10 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 12028


Johann Georg Klinger (1764-1806) was the most prominent globe-maker of his time. An art dealer and publisher, he founded his workshop in the 1790s and worked in collaboration with the engraver Johann Bernhard Bauer (1752-1839). The globes they offered were available in different languages and sizes. At first, Klinger improved the globes of an earlier manufacturer, Johann Philipp Andreae (c.1700-after 1759), and later, between 1790 and 1792, he produced his own pair of globes with the latest discoveries of Cook and the astronomer Charles Messier. After Klinger’s death, the firm was continued by his widow under the name ‘J. Klinger’s Kunsthandlung’. In 1831 it was bought by Johann Paul Dreykorn (1805-75), who kept the same name, whilst when the merchant Carl Abel bought it in 1852, the name was changed to ‘C. Abel Klinger’.

The present broadsheet provides some of the elements required for the construction of a 5½ inch globe.


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