Made in the U.S.A.
By MURDOCK, D.C. and MURDOCK, A. , 1840

[Untitled terrestrial globe] Made by D.C. & A. Murdock West Boylston Mass.

  • Author: MURDOCK, D.C. and MURDOCK, A.
  • Publication place: Massachusetts
  • Publisher: Murdock & Co.
  • Publication date: c1840
  • Physical description: Globe, 12 hand-coloured, engraved paper gores, clipped at 70 degrees latitude, with polar calottes, over a papier mâché and plaster sphere, varnished, mounted on wood three-legged stand. Quite toned, with a few pale stains.
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 76mm (3 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 15668


David C. Murdock (1815-1886) owned a shop in West Boylston, Massachusetts, where he produced and sold several globes for use in schools nationwide. Murdock also created an orrery planetarium to display his globe as part of the solar system, being one of the first American cartographers to mass-produce these globes and planetariums for education use. He later worked with his son, Albert, who he made a partner in his business in 1835.

The globe is primitive in its cartography, especially when compared to European globe-makers of the same period. There are very few geographical names or boundaries, but “Oasis at Taudeny” is shown in West Africa, as is “Great Desert”. Australia is labelled “New Holland”.