All discoveries to Feb. 1 1839
By COX, James , 1839

Cox's Terrestrial Globe. All Discoveries to Feb. 1 1839.

  • Author: COX, James
  • Publication place: [London]
  • Publisher: James Cox
  • Publication date: 1839.
  • Physical description: Globe, 12 hand-coloured engraved paper gores, clipped at 70 degrees, with two polar culottes, over a papier mâché and plaster sphere, with metal pivots, housed in wooden lidded box. Some spots of browning to the surface of the globe.
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 76mm (3 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 15727


James Cox (1811-1857) was a maker of mathematical, optical and philosophical instruments. He came from a family of opticians, with his father also producing a range of optical instruments. He is recorded to have had premises at both 5 Barbican and 51 Banner Street, London.

The equatorial is graduated in degrees, with the prime meridian and antipodes of Greenwich labelled. The ecliptic is also graduated for each house of the zodiac, shown with sigils. Most country borders are shown, along with city names and rivers. There are two small islands in the Antarctic circle labelled “Peter” and “Alexander”, as named by earlier Russian explorers. California is presented as a peninsula and “Bherings” is identified between Alaska and Russia. Australia labelled as both “Australia” and “New Holland”, with the Swan River and Sharks Bay noted in Western Australia. For a history of the Swan River colony see item 39.