A rare pair of a celestial globe and armillary sphere
By LOYSEL , 1787

[A miniature armillary sphere and celestial globe]

  • Author: LOYSEL
  • Publication place: Paris
  • Publication date: 1787.
  • Physical description: The celestial globe is made up of 12 engraved gores, with full stamped paper maché meridian ring, the armillary sphere constructed of pasteboard, covered with hand-coloured paper, equator, polar and tropic circles, and celestial equator with graduations on the outer side with divisions for months and houses of the zodiac, with a full stamped pasteboard meridian circle showing graduations in degrees with hour ring and brass pointer, in the centre a globe (diameter: 2 ½ cm). Both raised on full pasteboard stamped horizon ring showing graduations in degrees supported by four pasteboard quadrants, raised on a turned ebonised column on circular plinth base.
  • Inventory reference: 11499


A rare pair of a celestial globe and a Ptolemaic armillary sphere by Loysel, of whom very little is known. He appeared to have also produced a terrestrial globe, as shown in the catalogue “The world in your hands”.