A Dutch calendar
By HENNING, Viet Balthasar , 1750

Eeuwig Durenden Almanach.

Planetaria, calendars, and dials
  • Author: HENNING, Viet Balthasar
  • Publication place: [Nuremberg
  • Publisher: Viet Balthasar Henning
  • Publication date: c1750].
  • Physical description: Wall calendar, consisting of a base and two volvelles fastened with wooden spindle, hand-painted and varnished engraving with floral motives and two climbing lions at the top and the motto 'Omnes continet unus' (One contains all) at the bottom, mounted on pasteboard, affixed to wooden mount, a few minor cracks to surface.
  • Dimensions: 345 by 200mm. (13.5 by 7.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 2003


A rare perpetual wall calendar with two volvelles, produced for the Dutch market, displaying the month “Maende”, days of the week “tage”, date, Zodiac signs “Loop van de Sonne”, time of sunrise and sunset “De Opgaende Sonn ten …Uren De Nedergaede Sonn te … Uren”, length of day and night in hours “Langhte van den Dage … Langte van de Nagt”, and important feast days for the month “De Heylig Daghen”, in accordance with the volvelle settings.

The instrument maker, Veit Balthasar Henning (1706-1762), also published an important illustrated instrument book in Nuremberg in 1756, ‘Sammlung nützlicher Machinen und Instrumenten nebst deren Erklärung aus dem Französischen, Englischen und anderen Sprachen ins Teutsche übersezt’, which went through several editions, all of which are rare.