The Darien Scheme
By PATTERSON, William , 1706

An inquiry into the reasonableness and consequences of an union with Scotland. Containing a brief deduction of what hath been done, designed, or proposed, in the matter of the Union, during the last age. A scheme of an Union, as accomodated to the present circumstances, of the two nations. Also states, of the respective revenues, debts, weights, measures, taxes and impositions, and of other facts of moment. With observations thereupon. As communicated to Laurence Philips, Esq; near York.

Social & Political
  • Author: PATTERSON, William
  • Publication place: London:
  • Publisher: printed and sold by Ben. Bragg
  • Publication date: 1706.
  • Physical description: First edition, (16), 156, (4) pp. Sm. 8vo, eighteenth century panelled calf to style.
  • Inventory reference: 2284


An important attempt to explain the economic consequence of a union between England and Scotland, by the founder of the Bank of England. Paterson has written this book in the form of a lengthy conversation (“Proceedings of the Wednesdays Club in Friday-Street”); the dedication is signed with a pseudonym, Lewis Medway. Included are references to the Darien scheme, and other issues of trade in the West Indies.


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