Rare first edition of woodworker's manual
By BERGERON, [Louis-Eloy] [but Louis-Georges-Isaac SALIVET] , 1792

Manuel du tourneur

  • Author: BERGERON, [Louis-Eloy] [but Louis-Georges-Isaac SALIVET]
  • Publication place: Paris
  • Publisher: Chez Bergeron
  • Publication date: 1792-1796.
  • Physical description: Quarto, two volumes, ???
  • Inventory reference: 15093


In 1792, an important instructional book was published by Louis-Eloy Bergeron on the subject of the lathe, covering its mechanics, applications and benefits. The book was advertised to teach amateurs how to use all different types of lathe, or turner, to work various materials. The work’s two volumes contained between them 72 engraved plates illustrating ways of using the instrument, its potential results, and the materials could be worked with. In addition to the treatise and illustrations of the lathe, ???some editions of the book also included a list of all the goods that could be acquired at Bergeron’s shop.

In 1816, a revised second edition of the work was published under the name Hamelin-Bergeron, who claimed to be the author’s son-in-law. There has been much speculation on the identity of the Bergerons, with some claiming that both names were in fact pseudonyms for eminent Parisian lawyer, Louis-Georges-Isaac Salivet, while others identify them as real figures who published Salivet’s work anonymously.

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