Bermudas: "The Temperature of the Aier; The Nature of the Soil, Trees, Plants, Fruits, Hearbs, Fishes, Fowls, and other Commodities thereof" (page 18)
By CLARKE, Samuel , 1670

A true, and faithful account of the four chiefest plantations of the English in America. To wit, of Virginia. New-England. Bermudus. Barbados. With the temperature of the air: the nature of the soil: the rivers, mountains, beasts, fowls, birds, fishes, trees, plants, friuts, & c. As also, of the natives of Virginia, and New-England, their religion, customs, fishing, huntings, &c. Collected by Samuel Clarke, sometimes pastor in Saint Bennet-Fink, London.

Travel & Voyages
  • Author: CLARKE, Samuel
  • Publication place: London
  • Publisher: printed for Robert Clavel, Thomas Passenger, William Cadman, William Whitwood, Thomas Sawbridge, and William Birch, 1670
  • Publication date: 1670
  • Physical description: Folio, browned; nineteenth century blue backed grey boards, worn.

    Collation: 7A-L(4), 7M(2), A-D(4), 2E; 46 leaves paginated "1-85" (complete), 34 (lacking last leaf) pp
  • Dimensions: 290 by 200mm. (11.5 by 7.75 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 16320


Issued separately, and as part of the later, augmented edition of Samuel Clarke’s (1599-1693), ‘Mirrour or looking-glasse both for saints, and sinners’, 1671, with the same pagination.

Including chapters: ‘The Description of Virginia, and the Plantation of the English…’; ‘A Description of the Bermudas, or Sommers Islands: the First Discovery, and Plantation of it by the English…’, ‘Nevv-England Described, and the Plantation thereof by the English…’, ‘The Description of the Island of Barbados:…’, ‘Examples of the Wonderful Works of God in the Creatures’.

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