A monumental record of Britain's ecclesiastical architecture
By DUGDALE, sir William & Roger DODSWORTH , 1655

Monasticon Anglicum, sive Pandectae coenobiorum Benedictionorum Cluniascensium Cisterciensium Carthusianorum a primordiis ad Londinensis, Eboracensis; Curiarum Scaccarii, Augmentationum; bibliothecis Bodleianae, Coll. Reg. Coll. Bened. Arundellianae, Cottonianae, Seldenianae, Hattonianae aliisque digesti

Art & Architecture
  • Author: DUGDALE, sir William & Roger DODSWORTH
  • Publication place: London
  • Publisher: Typis Richardi Hodginsonne
  • Publication date: 1655
  • Physical description: First edition. Three volumes, folio (335 by 217mm).

    Volume one: Additional engraved title, title printed in red and black, 21ff., pp.18, [2], 19-1151, [1], 58 plates, illustrated coats of arms, genealogical tables, maps and plans, engraved by Daniel King, Wenceslaus Hollar, and Robert Vaughan. London, Typis Richardi Hodginsonne, 1655.

    Volume two: title printed in red and black, 10ff., pp.72, 71-94, 87-732, 735-828, [6], 831-1057, [57] indices, 18 plates,
    illustrations, portraits, and plans by Wenceslaus Hollar. London Typis Aliciae Warren, 1661.

    Volume three: title printed in red and black, 2ff., pp.292, [2], 218, 30 (?of 31) plates, illustrations and plans engraved
    by Wenceslaus Hollar after Richard Hall (includes "The daunce of the Machabree by John Lydgate in verse (p367-374, 2nd sequence); the engraved illustration of Death leading all estates by Hollar, after the original by Hans Holbein), Savoy [i.e.
    London], Excudebat Tho. Newcomb, 1673.

    Later gilt panelled diced Russia, rebacked to style, spines gilt with double olive morocco lettering pieces, corners worn.
  • Dimensions: 335 by 217mm. (13.25 by 8.5 inches).
  • Inventory reference: 18639


Togheter the 3 volumes in First Edition from Dugdale’s monumental study of the edifices of English monasticism. The first volume of Monasticon Anglicanum appeared in 1655 (with Dudgale & Dodsworth named as joint authors) with subsequent volumes coming in 1661 and 1673. “It gave the history of the various orders in England, and an account of all individual monastery, were printed in full, and all known benefactions of land made to the monastery were set down. Monasticon Anglicanum established for the first time the importance of charters as a primary source for the writing of medieval history and as source of understanding the legal practice of earlier centuries and aspects of the feudal system relating to conditions of tenure. Equally it established for the first time since the Reformation the importance of monasteries and the scale of their territorial possessions”. (ODNB)


Charles Tennant (bookplate)


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