A fantastic artistic recreation of ancient Jerusalem, complete with the Temple envisaged before its destruction

The Holy Bible: Containing the Bookes of the Old & New Testament, [together with] The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacrements: And other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England; with the Pslater, or Pslams of David.

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  • Publication place: Cambridge
  • Publisher: J. Field
  • Publication date: 1659-1660.
  • Physical description: 3 parts in 2 volumes, folios (450 by 280mm), Red ruled throughout, 8 engraved plates of which 7 double-page or folding, comprising a large double-page view of the Garden of Eden by Pierre Lombart, 4 architectural plates of which 3 double-page, 3 engraved maps of the Holy Land comprising 1 panoramic view of Jerusalem, 1 plate of the English Royal arms, all by Wencelsaus Hollar, early nineteenth century diced Russia gilt, rebacked to style, slices gilt. The Cancel leaf is lacking at volume 1, corners worn, occasional light damp-staining just affecting the extreme edges of some margins.

    Collation: (vol.1) [1], 8 ff., A6-Z6, 2A6-2Z6,3A6-[3L5-6] 3Z6, 4A6-4Z8; (vol.2) a6-y3, 1 f., A6-Z6, 2A6-2E8, 2 ff., A-Z, 2a-2l
  • Inventory reference: 18637


This illustrated Bible, also called the John Ogilby’s Bible is well-known for the Temple of Salomon presented by Wenceslaus Hollar as though it were a Renaissance-style palace and its panoramic view of Jerusalem taken from eastward. The city has an architectural air of 17th London which was not the case obviously but Hollar got influenced by his first master, Matthaüs Merian for whom he worked until the mid-1630’s. He met Thomas Howard, secund earl of Arundel, during this time and came to England and develop his artistic career.


Arthur Gregory of Stivichall (bookplate).


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  3. Wing B2258
  4. Darlow & Moule, 668.

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