A superb example in full orginal colour and a contemporary binding
By JODE, Cornelius de. , 1593

Speculum orbis terrae.

  • Author: JODE, Cornelius de.
  • Publication place: Antwerp
  • Publisher: Arnold Coninx for the widow and heirs of Gerard de Jode.
  • Publication date: 1593
  • Physical description: Second edition. 2 parts in one volume. Folio (400 by 282mm). 2 engraved allegorical titles, 6 engraved diagrams, woodcut table and 110 maps on 83 mapsheets, 2 plates of the Emperor and Knights of the Orders of the Holy Roman and German Empire, title and maps fully coloured by a contemporary hand, contemporary vellum, traces of old ties.
  • Inventory reference: 2270


Rare. This second edition of the ‘Speculum’, revised and enlarged, was prepared by Gerard de Jode shortly before his death in 1591, and his name appears on 10 plates. His son, Cornelius, prepared a further 10 new maps including the World, North America, China, Australia and Alaska.

“Cornelius died in 1600 at the age of 32, after which the plates were published by the then publisher of Ortelius’s ‘Theatrum’, Jan Baptist Vrients, who must have bought them to prevent further competition. He however had to face increasing competition from Mercator’s ‘Atlas’. Despite the difficulties surrounding the publication of the ‘Speculum’ it must have had a good reputation, and Petrus Montanus mentions it in the same breath as Mercator’s ‘Atlas’ and Ortelius’s ‘Theatrum’ in his preface to Pieter Kaerius’ ‘Germaniae Inferior'” (Wardington Catalogue).


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