Discover the fascinating stories behind the creation of antique maps, atlases & books from our multimedia archives: videos, VR tours & more

Daniel Crouch Rare Books video archive provides a unique and immersive introduction to some of the most significant and interesting rare maps, atlases and books that have graced our galleries over the years. Each episode in our series promises a deeper look into the fascinating origins and stories behind each map, atlas and rare travel book featured.

These multimedia features, ranging from video walkthroughs enriched by expert commentary to immersive podcasts and virtual reality tours, aim to encourage engagement and stimulate interest in the collectable nature of rare maps, atlases and antiquarian books.

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Petrus Apianus’ Astronomicum Caesareum

“The most spectacular contribution of the book-maker’s art to sixteenth-century science” from the library of Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia.

A magnificent portolan atlas by Batista Agnese

This atlas is in its original Agnese binding, and it can confidently be stated that the order of the sheets is just as Agnese originally produced it: it contains the more or less standard preliminary pages found in most Agnese atlases, including a table of the declination on the sun, an armillary sphere, and a circular zodiacal calendar.

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics

Daniel Crouch talks about the earliest and greatest exponents of cartographic data visualization as part of the lecture series portion of the San Francisco Map Fair 2018.

Show me a map by Tin Pan

Celebrating our fifth anniversary, we hope you enjoy the video and soundtrack, which has been specially written for the occasion by our favourite New York band: Tin Pan.

Matteo Ricci’s monumental world map of 1602

London map expert Daniel Crouch lectures on the Ricci map at the MIA. This lecture is co-presented by the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Associates of the James Ford Bell Library and the James Ford Bell Library of the University of Minnesota Libraries.