Van Keulen's chart of the Atlantic Ocean
By KEULEN, Johannes van , 1680

Paascaarte vande Zee custen van Guinea en Brasilia; vant Cabo de Verde, tot C. de bona Esperanca en van R. de Amazones tot Rio de la Plata, alles op wassende graaden gestelt.

Africa Western Africa
  • 作者: KEULEN, Johannes van
  • 出版地: Amsterdam
  • 出版商: Joannes van Keulen
  • 发布日期: c1680-1683
  • 物理描述: Double page engraved chart with original colour, heightened in gold.
  • 方面: 535 by 640mm. (21 by 25.25 inches).
  • 库存参考: 15788


A map of the Atlantic Ocean between South America and Africa.

Johannes van Keulen was a successful chartmaker based in Amsterdam; after his death, his business was continued by his son Gerard and grandson Johannes II. Gerard and Johannes II acquired some charts from Johannes Loots at the beginning of the eighteenth century, of which this may be one. There are an unusual amount of inland details for a sea chart. The map carries a dedication to Abraham Anias, cartographer to the Dutch East Indies Company and stepson of Jacob Roggeveen, another well-known cartographer.