Spanish Southwest in Cyrillic
By BONNE, Rigobert , 1780

[Cyrillic map: Mexico And Southern States].

America North America
  • 作者: BONNE, Rigobert
  • 出版地: Paris / St.Petersburg
  • 出版商: R.Bonne / J.Lattre
  • 发布日期: c1780.
  • 物理描述: Engraved map with original hand-colour in outline.
  • 方面: 300 by 410mm. (11.75 by 16.25 inches).
  • 库存参考: 2296


A very rare Cyrillic map of the Spanish south-west, Texas, the southern States and Florida, from Chesapeake Bay to California, with Mexico and Central America. After Bonne and Lattre’s map “Carte du Mexique ou de la [Nouvelle] Espagne contenant aussi le Nouveau Mexique, la Californie, avec une partie des pays adjacents”, Paris, 1771, the title appers in a similarly asymmetrical rococo cartouche lower left. This Cyrillic version of the map appeared in one of the first world atlases published in Russia; “Novy Atlas, ili sobranie kart …” which translates as “New Atlas or a collection of Maps of All Parts of the Globe Obtained from Various Compilers and printed in St.Petersburg in 1793 by the Mining School for the Use of Youths”.

Bonne (1727-1795) succeeded Jacques Nicolas Bellin as Royal Cartographer to France in the office of the Hydrographer at the Depôt de la Marine. Lattre (fl1743-1795) published his ‘Atlas Moderne’ in 1762, to accompany de la Croix’s ‘Geographie Moderne’. He also engraved maps for Robert de Vaugondy, Janvier and Bonne.