Sea chart of coasts of Europe and Africa
By COLOM, Jacob Aertsz , 1668

Pascarte van Barbarische cust

Africa Western Africa
  • 作者: COLOM, Jacob Aertsz
  • 出版地: Amsterdam
  • 出版商: Printed By himselfe dwellinge on the Corne-market in the Fyrie-Colom, with Priviledge
  • 发布日期: 1668
  • 物理描述: Engraved map in fine original outline hand-colour
  • 库存参考: 3917


Left: a chart of the east Atlantic and the west coast of Portugal, Morocco and the Western Sahara, oriented to the east. Right: the west coast of Africa from Western Sahara down roughly to the Gambia.


  1. Not recorded in Koeman but c.f. Koeman J. Col 6A for a list of the charts.